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Texas Holdem Basics

In this short article you will learn the basics of Texas Hold'em poker.

You will find out what is meant by position, you will then move on to learn how cards are dealt, how bets are placed and how the winner of the game is decided. A good Free Poker review can be found at pokerforfree.org.

Position means where you are sitting on the poker table in relation to the dealer. It is a very important concept that goes far beyond deciding who deals the cards. Understanding the implication of position is fundamental to high level poker strategies and tactics, but for now we will look simply at the mechanics of it.

In order to indicate who the dealer is a marker, or button is placed at their table position. The position to the immediate left of the dealer is called the small blind and the position to the immediate left of the small blind is the big blind.

Before place commences the small and big blind players must put the appropriate bets on the table. The total bets placed are called the pot. Two cards are dealt to each player. These are called the hole cards. The player to the left of the big blind is the first one to play. He can decide to not play (fold), bet the same amount as the big blind (call), or bet more than the big blind (raise).

This betting round continues until it gets to the small blind who must match the largest bet on the table if he wishes to continue. All players must match the largest bet to go to the next round.

Next three community cards (the flop) are dealt face up on the table. All players then match these with their hole cards and decide whether or not if it worth their while to continue with the hand.

Another round of betting takes place exactly as before. When that has been completed a further community card is dealt face up (this is called the turn) and there is another betting round. Once that has been completed the final community card, the river, is dealt and there is the final betting round which continues until only one player remains or all remaining players have called the largest bet.

When betting is done, then it is the showdown where every player still in the game reveals their cards. The one with the highest ranking hand of five cards wins the pot.