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Celeb Poker Bonus

Celeb Poker offer a huge 200% welcome bonus to new players up to $2,000 can earned with your first deposit, Your bonus will be released in increments of $5 per 300 CelebPoker Points (CPPs) .

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Simple yet Irresistible CelebPoker

CelebPoker brings out an excellence variety of games, with numerous of untied players and decent software that plays well.

The main attraction of Celeb Poker is surely as the name implies. Becoming a routine game show on one cable network, Celebrity Poker Showdown was a limited-run series where its audiences are entertained with all those celebrities participated in poker who ran eight matches during its five-season run. Unfortunately the show was not continued though it had a fairly good rating.

Celeb Poker each show was featuring charity games in which five celebrities participated in a no limit Texas hold 'em challenge. Those celebrities should win over a silver dedicatory poker chip in qualifying match where the frontrunners were proceeding to the finals game. Mostly, the title fight game was the most waited by the audience where the winner who got the grand prize will get a gold dedicatory poker chip.

Produced by Andrew Hill Newman and Joshua Malina, Celeb Poker is part of the International Poker network and brings out all of the popular varieties of poker, from micro limits to high stakes. Since its first tournament until the seventh, they were all envisioned at Palms Casino in the Las Vegas in frontage of live studio spectators. The first series was hosted by actor/comedian Kevin Pollak though he only lasted only one tournament. He was replaced by Dave Foley in 2004.

From all those series of game championships, no celebrity won more than one championship game. A number of celebrities have appeared in multiple tournaments but only and five of them managed to win games in separate tournaments. All the games were officially produced by Tournament Director Robert Thompson.

These days, this game is offered through the Internet with the Celeb Poker software presents the customary functions. They include Poker Tracker hold up, player notes, mini-view, and the choice to cooperate a boundless number of benches at once. Interchange on the position is excellent, if in inferior assortment of the business, with a straight selection of counters usually accessible at most ventures. The statistics can be somewhat surprising since real-money competitor statistics of September 2011 features 3300 ring-game participants plus 13000 tournaments at climax hours.

Yet, Celeb Poker also provides games for a smaller network. It brings out an unexpectedly fine volume of live finance opportunities to main occasions and invitations for classified live VIP play-offs. Its major attraction lies on its Sunday tournaments though it also runs daily satellites tournaments as well. Yet, it also provides low, medium and high buy-in tournaments which run for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week There are also available satellites for main live occasions, like Irish Poker Open as well as other titled European events.